Dream meeting room YOUR
1. Seating

Office chairs from basic through to the most premium seating available.

2. Meeting Tables

The centre piece of the meeting room can control the flow of a meeting. Why not make it engage your team!

3. Laptops / Chromebooks

With people in and out the office a portable device is essential. We offer a range of Laptops and Chromebooks to meet everyones needs.

4. Interactive Touch Screens

Presenting data or video calling people out of the office, an interactive touch screen is a must have.

5. Poly Studio

Sound good and look even better with the Poly Studio P15 video bar— all from one sleek device.

6. Smart Conference Phone

Transform any room into a hassle-free collaboration space.

7. iPad / Tablets

The latest models at great prices. Help increase productivity without breaking the bank.

8. Meeting Room Booking System

Meeting room booking systems provide simple tools for reserving conference rooms and other spaces or resources within an office or shared workplace.

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