Viewsonic Technology

Imagine meetings that are:

  • Engaging: Keep everyone involved with interactive presentations and brainstorming sessions.
  • Productive: Spark ideas, share information easily, and make decisions faster.
  • Healthy: Reduce eye strain and maintain a clean meeting space.

Introducing Interactive Touchscreens: The Future of Collaboration

Interactive touchscreens are like giant, super-responsive tablets for your meeting room. They allow you to:

  • Write and draw naturally just like you would on a phone or tablet.
  • Share content wirelessly from laptops, phones, and tablets.
  • Work together in real-time on documents, whiteboards, and presentations.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear video conferencing for remote participants.


What are the benefits?

Interactive touchscreens offer a range of advantages for businesses:

  • Crystal-Clear Picture: Enjoy sharp, vibrant images in 4K resolution, perfect for presentations, images, and videos.
  • Interactive Features: Draw, write, and collaborate directly on the screen, making presentations more engaging.
  • Wireless Sharing: Share content from laptops, phones, and tablets directly to the screen without any cables.
  • Flexible Options: Choose from various sizes and features to fit your space, from small meeting rooms to large auditoriums.

ViewSonic Series: Your Interactive Touchscreen Choice

ViewSonic Series from PWD Supplies offers a powerful solution for your business meetings. These interactive displays come in various sizes to fit your meeting space and boast features like:

  • ViewSonic offers two display options to consider:

    • ViewSonic CDE30 Series: This all-in-one solution features a built-in computer, eliminating the need for a separate PC and offering a simple setup.
    • ViewSonic ViewBoard 62 Series: This interactive display focuses on collaboration with a super-responsive touchscreen and compatibility with video conferencing equipment.

Ready to transform your meetings?

Contact PWD Supplies today to learn more about ViewSonic IFP32 Series and discover how interactive touchscreens can revolutionise the way your team collaborates!