Newline Technology

Struggling to keep your SME meetings engaging and productive?

Imagine meetings where everyone is actively involved, ideas flow freely, and decisions are made faster. This is the power of Newline Interactive Touchscreens from PWD Supplies.

Newline: Perfect for Hybrid Meetings

  • Crystal-clear visuals & powerful audio: Keep everyone engaged, whether they’re in the room or remote.
  • Seamless video conferencing: Say goodbye to connection issues and hello to productive collaboration.

Designed for Brainstorming & Collaboration

  • Super-thin screen: Looks sleek and professional in any meeting space.
  • World-class touch technology: Write smoothly and naturally, just like on a tablet.
  • Real-time interaction: Share content wirelessly, annotate documents together, and whiteboard on the fly.

Unlock the Potential of Your Meetings

Newline Touchscreens can transform the way your SME team meets. Contact PWD Supplies today to learn more!

The Newline VEGA comes in various sizes and boasts features like:

  • High-quality camera and audio: Experience seamless video conferencing and clear communication for remote participants.
  • Immersive touchscreen: Enjoy a natural writing experience that feels just like pen on paper.
  • Built-in features: Eliminate the need for extra equipment with a powerful speaker system and all the latest connection options.
interactive touchscreen display