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A versatile 4K UHD interactive display to bring more collaboration and student engagement to your classroom. Turn the display into a digital whiteboard and use your favorite software all with a single touch. RS+ Series works in your world and lets you interact your way.

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Newline Interactive Touchscreens | RS+Series

Newline leads the way in interactive technology. Newline Interactive offers the best products and solutions designed for modern workplaces, schools, and corporations. With the Newline RS+ Series interactive touch display, you can enhance collaboration in your classroom or huddle space. The Newline Interactive RS+ Series features an embedded Android operating system, integrated tools, and more powerful technical specifications that redefine communication in schools and offices.

Display sizes of 65", 75", and 86" are available for your collaborative space. Easy-to-use Newline Cast app lets you connect your own device and cast your small screen. The RS series is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices. A digital whiteboard and on-screen annotation tools are included. With object recognition, a finger, stylus, or palm can be recognized as a marker, pen, or eraser. Installation is effortless and hassle-free with this thin, lightweight smart board.

A lab-tested, certified antimicrobial glass from Newline has been developed and is based on organic and inorganic compounds. TÜV Rheinland certified, Newline's antimicrobial glass uses silver, copper, and titanium ions to combat germs twice as effectively! It has the same great touch technology, 4K Display, vibrant colors, anti-glare, and more with added protection.

Spend your valuable time using a smart board rather than plugging and unplugging cables. Remotely project your small screen onto the interactive touch panel. All it takes is a click to share your students' work or start a presentation. Digital whiteboards recognize objects and respond to you as a marker, thin pen, or eraser when you use your finger, stylus, or palm.

You can easily change the screen theme on the Newline Interactive RS+ series, whether you need it for your classroom or conference room. Keep your team's home screen simple and provide them with quick access to all the tools they may need.

In order to increase student engagement, Newline's education solution uses interactive software and encourages students to engage with the material. With its built-in whiteboard and video conference software, it is an ideal distance learning environment. With the responsive display, multiple students can touch and draw on the screen at the same time, without lagging. A collaborative experience that allows students to interact using their fingers or stylus from anywhere.

We provide a nationwide distribution service of Newline Interactive Touchscreens delivering next day all over the UK.

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