Meeting Room Solutions and Video Conferencing Systems

Contemporary meeting spaces have evolved into tech-centric hubs which cater to a diverse range of modern working styles. The rise of remote and hybrid working, greatly accelerated by the challenges of the pandemic, means it is essential for offices to adopt connectivity beyond the office itself. Embracing modern meeting room solutions not only improves productivity but contributes to a company’s competitive edge giving them an advantage over more traditional rivals. 

At PWD we are experts in the latest meeting room equipment and in finding the right solution for your business. Not only can we integrate the tech required for seamless conference calls and meetings, but we can also make sure you have a high level of security.

Bespoke Meeting Room Solutions and Video Conferencing to Fit Your Needs

Meeting Software

With more than 15 years of experience in meeting room equipment, PWD can create video conference systems and install meeting room technology that meets your specific needs. We can offer:

Interactive touchscreen technology

Our interactive touchscreens from brands including Newline, ViewSonic, Clevertouch and Yealink offer high-end solutions which provide an immersive AV experience Whether you run meetings on Zoom, Microsofy Teams or another platform these displays are ideal for 24/7 communication.

  • Newline Vega – The built-in sound system, mic and camera provide a comprehensive interactive experience while the revolutionary touch sensors offer a world-class feel and writing experience.
  • ViewSonc 62 series – For an immersive AV experience, this is the screen for you. With 4K ultra high-definition resolution and versatile connectivity options including USB type C ports get the most out of your cutting-edge interactive touch screen.

All-in-one conference systems

Our comprehensive conference systems feature high-powered cameras and full-range speaker systems to give you unrivalled picture and sound quality. With plug-in-and-play capabilities, these devices are easy to use both in the office and in school settings.

Meeting Software

Meeting room booking panels

  • Meeting room booking systems are a valuable addition to any meeting room solution, maximising room booking efficiency. Reserve a spot from your desktop computer, communicate with staff and even display instant messages or promotions on the displays.

Wireless connectivity

  • Wireless solutions are increasingly sought after to do away with the clutter of cables in conference rooms. Clickshare, for example, automatically connects your laptop to the conference room display, camera and speakers while BenQ’s Instashow allows multiple presenters to lead from any device.

The benefits of scaling up your conference room tech

Conference rooms have moved far beyond places to hold a meeting, instead morphing into modern spaces which promote communication, collaboration and productivity. Meeting room technology must reflect the ever-changing needs of businesses to provide an optimum experience each time a room is used.

Successful teams are ones which enjoy a high degree of collaboration and strive for all staff to be equally involved whether in-person or remote resulting in improved morale.

Up-to-date meeting room equipment can improve business efficiency and reduce overall operation costs, eliminating costly travel expenses caused by bringing everyone together in person.

How PWD can help

As a leading supplier of meeting room equipment PWD recognises the ever-evolving demands of the office environment and educational institutions.  We can build a custom solution that suits your needs, whether it’s installing IT hardware into your conference room or upgrading your current system, so it functions effectively. 

With a focus on exceptional customer service, we believe in getting to know our customers well so we can provide tailored advice, personalised support and rapid responses. Rather than use out-of-the-box solutions, we install the tech which meets your requirements. 

Learn how PWD can equip your meeting rooms to meet your growing needs Discover our flexible and intuitive solutions using the latest tech to transform your office experience. Contact us.