Touchscreen TV and Interactive Touchscreen Display Solutions

The days of flipcharts are long gone, replaced by interactive touchscreens which give you new ways to engage with your work colleagues in person and remotely.

For businesses requiring facilities to present or lead a room, interactive touchscreens offer unparalleled flexibility and control, enabling presenters to interact with an entire group or on a one-to-one basis.

As a leading supplier of interactive touchscreens, PWD selects, installs and integrates the right technology for your organisation alongside your existing systems.

What are interactive touchscreen TVs?

An interactive touchscreen is like an interactive board for your office or meeting room. Also known as an interactive display, they are touch-sensitive screens which allow users to connect with and manipulate the data presented in real time. Through tapping, pinching or swiping, much like you would on a smartphone or tablet, users can sketch, annotate and write answers to questions. They’ve become increasingly popular with businesses looking for better ways to engage with staff to increase productivity and enhance collaboration.
  • ViewSonic CDE series – Enjoy 4K ultra high-definition resolution with a continuous and sustainable 24/7 display. This series of screens also offers cable-free screen casting, Airplay, Chromecast and remote management.
  • Newline Vega – The built-in sound system, mic and camera provide a comprehensive interactive experience while the revolutionary touch sensors offer a world-class feel and writing experience.

What are the benefits of interactive touchscreens?

An interactive touchscreen offers many advantages over a traditional whiteboard or projector:
  • A touchscreen can save time by responding to commands faster, unlike a whiteboard where you have to write things down or a single-use projector where you physically have to search for and display the right sheet. A touchscreen display enables you to find the information you want in seconds directly.
  • A touchscreen display is easy to navigate and intuitive, making it very straightforward to use. 
  • Interactive touchscreens save space in comparison to traditional monitors or projectors. There’s no need for monitors, a mouse or a keyboard either. 
  • Touchscreens are durable and built to withstand a lot of force. They’re also easy to clean and maintain.
  • An interactive touchscreen display can be shared with work colleagues using iPads and laptops. In this way, the whole team is engaged and actively participating.
  • Touchscreens improve accessibility because they don’t require keyboards which can be problematic for some users.

How PWD can help

As a trusted supplier of IT hardware for businesses with extensive experience, PWD can help you find the right interactive touchscreen solution for your organisation. We will guide you through the buying journey, assessing your needs and working to your budget.

We partner with leading brands which include Newline, and ViewSonic to deliver cutting-edge technology at competitive prices. We understand every business is unique, so we work with you to equip your organisation according to your requirements both now and in the future. 

Discover how PWD can take your IT hardware solutions to the next level to empower your organisation as it grows. Contact us.